Aston Lark launches Road to Recovery toolkit

Aston Lark launches Road to Recovery toolkit

Staff communications

With many staff now working remotely from home, there are new risks to their health and wellbeing. It’s important that you keep in regular contact with them and ensure they have the information to allow them to work from home as safely as possible.
We have eight email templates that you can send to your employees.

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Customer communications

No businesses can operate without a customer base, and effective communication will certainly increase the chances of business survival and prosperity.

It is important to communicate with them regularly and ensure they feel valued. In this article, we look at the importance of customer communications.

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Supplier communications

The Covid-19 pandemic has the potential to introduce increased supply chain risk into all sectors.

This article looks at some of the supply chain considerations that businesses should be looking at. These will apply to those that are continuing to operate as normally as possible, those that have shut the doors but have staff working remotely, and to those businesses that have effectively stopped operating for the time being.

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