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Time to Talk Day

Time to Talk Day - 4th Feb

Be prepared for flooding using this checklist

Be prepared for flooding using this checklist

Due to Covid-19, your business insurance could be due a rebateFor many businesses that renewed their business insurance before the pandemic hit, your figures were probably massively overstated in hindsight. After all, who could have predicted where we are today?Chris Chapman, Client Director at Aston Lark, explains the why and how in this article.

How buying a car can be like buying your insuranceAn insightful read for your members. This article demonstrates how specialist professional advice is invaluable whether it's purchasing a new car or your business insurance.

Electric vehicle number plates 'go green'Electric vehicles have received widespread media coverage and more people than ever are seeing them as a viable alternative to petrol-run cars. Aston Lark’s Private Clients Motor Manager Kris Lewis updates us on the progress being made in this sector.

Almost 80% of businesses fail within 18 months of suffering a major lossIf businesses have been closed during the lockdown, even for part of the past 12 months, then the chances are the turnover and profit is nothing like you predicted it would be. So how do you respond when your insurance provider asks what your Gross Profit estimate is for the next 12 months? This article explains more.

Business travel insurance and its response during Covid-19With the roadmap out of lockdown announced, business travel is likely to resume. The insurance market will have considerable demand for business travel insurance and, unfortunately, rates are increasing. We are encouraging clients to take a few moments to review their insurance coverage. 

Have your members been working from home?For many, the garden path has become the new commute. Aston Lark has had an increase in enquires about how to insure these stand-alone home offices correctly. This article explains the things you will need to guarantee your garden home office is covered. 

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